hey, my name is (primarily) cho, but chronobauble works too. i'm 22 years old and i like space a lot... if you couldn't already tell. i also like to do a few different things like web design and art too. i'm not amazing at them, but they make me happy, which is good enough for me.
i hope you don't mind if i ramble a bit! i'm not particularly good at describing myself, but i've wanted to try to do something like this for a long time, and i think making something like this really helps show my personality... at least how i perceive my personality to be. i sort of hope in the future, more people can move away from carrd and learn a bit of html and css (among other things) to make something on neocities. i think doing so could allow more personal unique creations, but i do understand that learning those things is a lot and it's not for everyone.
some stuff i like are kirby, bayonetta, and sonic among other things. i also think risk of rain 2 is really cool too (though i haven't been playin it a lot lately hehe). i kind of have a tendency to swap between games every so often, so who knows what i'll be playin next... aside from that though, i do like a bunch of other things. while i haven't been doing it as much lately, i also enjoy taking my bike out and riding around my area! i live out in the country, so there's a lot of nice things to see during spring.
sorry, i know this is a bit wordy. i'll keep this last bit short. i do just wanna say thank you for taking the time to look at my page! it's nothing amazing, but it's special to me. i like what i've done with it and i hope you do as well.
here's some other music i like! there's definitely more i could put here, but this should be enough
credits & other important mentions: Pixel Planet Generator and Space Background Generator by Deep-Fold on itch.io Puyo Puyo Box sprites ripped by MollyChan and Kirby Mass Attack sprites ripped by Jermungandr, both on spriters-resource.com i'll try to update the site with extra stuff in the future when i can... check back if you wanna see that! here's a link back to my twitter account (NSFW)